Marcos Fernandez Cabezas, is of Spanish descent, but settled in southwestern France with his family in 1946. He is self-taught and has been a hard worker since he was very young. He used these experiences in addition to his passion for crafting high end shoes that led him into the shoe industry.

1969 As the commercial director for the entire shoe department at the Alby Stone group, one of the largest French ready-to-wear brands of the seventies, he collaborated with Agnes B. to create a signature range of shoes sold exclusively by Alby Stone.

1973 He had the inspired idea to introduce French men to the “Penny Loafer”, an American moccasin that was still little known in France at the time. Subsequently, the Sebago brand was launched in France.

1980 Marcos was involved in the creation of well known French brands, such as Bowen and also helped to launch Doc Martens in France. He was also responsible for the revival of the old French brand, Paraboot.

1995 Marcos Fernandez launched a new brand in 1995, called Emling. Since then, Marcos Fernandez was asked to use his extensive expertise to act as a consultant for various shoe brands. These partnerships resulted in the successful creation of several iconic shoes of leading brands.

2007 Birth of Markowski
Marcos Fernandez has been a great innovator. He carefully contemplated how the opportunity to shop online for high end shoes may offer his customers a novel shopping experience. The platform of online shopping allowed for the sale these luxury shoes at ready-to-wear prices. Fernandez aimed to make these high-end shoes available to all.

2009 The creation of SEPTIÈME LARGEUR
Marcos Fernandez and his nephew, Matthew Preiss, came together to create a new line of shoes designed specifically for aficionados of high quality shoes.With the combination of Marcos Fernandez’s 40 years of shoe making expertise and Mathieu Preiss’ talent for unique custom patinas, they aimed to combine elegant design, high quality craftsmanship, and unique style into a brand known in Paris and around the world.